QR Code Marketing and the purpose of QR Codes

Why now it is so important to integrate QR codes into your marketing, and not be left behind. The massive increase of smartphone users makes it almost impossible not to provide your potential customers with quick access to information. QR means quick response and this makes mobile phone and QR codes go hand in hand.

Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

QR Codes allow your business to reach people engage and convert a wider target audiance by linking from offline to online platforms.

More than 63% of adults own a smartphone, all of which have a standard QR reader pre-installed.

So how can this help your business? Take people directly from your print media campaigns to a digital platform in a click!

So without the need of remembering your web address or even your business name, you can invite readers to simply scan your QR it’s real easy.

So where are QR codes being used the most? external signs - brochuers - magazines - catalogues - leaflets - newspapers - business cards - menus - banners - displays - web banners - social media - tickets - receipts - emails - stationery - product packaging and tags - cars - vans - trucks - window signs - giveaways - clothing

Tell people who you are.

Let people know what your brand is about. This is your opportunity to talk about your team, your purpose, and what you offer.

Tracking Your Advertising

How important would it be to your business to be able to know weather your print advertising works? are your ads targeting the correct audiance? QR Codes offer you a new way to track your advertising so what has been traditional marketing now becomes a print-digital experiance. Optimise your print advertisng by adding an interactive user experiance with videos, images, MP3 or connect to your website via an informative landing page.

How important is it for you to connect with your customers?

Using a simple customer feedback QR allows your businees to gather valuable customer feedback, you can even ask tem to add a review to your chosen platform!

We can add custom made forms and gather useful information provided by your customers. This is vital for improving and maintaining your standards with the aim of growing your bussiness by word of mouth. Having great reviews and rankings will set your business ahead of the competition and gain new customers.

The most simple things can be achived

The days of adding a map location to your advertising, business card and many other challanges are now in the past. QR codes can fix the most simple things when being added. Using the Vcard allows people to save all of your details, contacts, social media and much more as well as having a map direction to find you all of this and easily shared with friends.

Connecting with people becomes easier..

Connect and direct readers to your Youtube cannel or a Video, also generate sales leads and appointments with Forms or invite readers to go to your Newsletter and subscribe.


If you would like a free demo of QR Code marketing and get more information then please send us an email here below.

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