More than just your own brand dynamic QR codes!

Take your business to new level with interactive bespoke QR codes that perform within your marketing stratergy and get results

Business marketing solutions and multi-use QR codes

Choose from our all-inclusive packs from 1 to 20 dynamic QR codes and we will do the rest for you, it’s easy!

Our expert team is on hand by phone, skype, messenger chat, or zoom meetings to work with you for each QR code project, giving you a complete marketing service to get the most from your QR codes.

Showcase a series of images

When sharing one image is just not enough, you can display an entire gallery of images, videos and so much more…

More about QR code uses…..

We offer specialist QR code uses that are designed specifically for different industry sectors. For example, clinics, dentists and doctors, we have dedicated QR code uses that include a wide range of benefits. Tell us about your business and we can show you what QR code uses are available.

Take a look scan some of our clients

Let people know what your brand is about, add a video, document or just to show them more about your buisiness you can even provide an offer or promotional coupon. The options for using bespoke QR codes are endless, just talk to us to find out more!

Arrange for a free demo that is designed just for you!

send us your details and we will respond usually the same day to discuss your requirements

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or you can send us your questions or specific requirements

Talk up your brand.

You can use this long form paragraph to tell your story. This is an opportunity to showcase a unique moment that captures the spirit of your brand.

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