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1What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a type of bidimensional barcode with a pixeled structure, usually black and white, that allows to store large quantity of alphanumerical information inside a square. They are easily recognized by three squares on the top and bottom left corners. The code content can be decoded with a QR Codes reader to obtain its information.

2What kind of information can a QR Code store?

A QR Code can store several kinds of information. Our QR Code generator works with these types of information:

  • URL or websites addresses
  • Email
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Plain text
  • WIFI configuration
  • Skype call
  • Android and iOS applications (cooming soon)

3How to generate a QR code?

In order to generate a QR Code you only have to select the kind of information that you want to include and set some features if default features do not accomplish your needs.

4How can I read a QR code?

QR Codes can be easily read with a smartphone that has a QR Code scanner APP installed. Depending on the type of information stored in the QR Code, our smartphone will do an automatic action when de code is read. For example, if we are reading a QR Code that has an URL stored, our device will open your internet browser and it will show the website stored in the QR Code. In case we see a QR Code in a website and we do not have a QR Code reader in that moment, we will be able to read it using any website which has an online QR Code reader.

5Do your QR Code generator have any cost?

You do not have to pay anything at all. Our generator is totally free and you are allowed to use the QR Codes generated with commercial purposes.

6Do you store personal information about QR Codes created with your QR Code generator?

We do not store any information and not even keep the QR Codes anywhere. We only create them temporally in order to be downloaded

7Do the generated QR Codes expire?

The codes do not expire because they carry within themselves the information. Once you have downloaded it, you can use it as you need.

8Can I use any colour combination to create a QR code?

Technically yes, but it is important to have a good contrast between the background color of the code and the pixels so that readers can scan properly.

9What use has a QR code?

Possible applications of QR Codes are endless. Starting from the premise that we can save a URL or web address, when we read this, we can be redirected to news, to a product promotion, a YouTube video, a profile on any social network, etc. We may also use it as a business card (VCARD).

10Which is the origin of QR Codes?

QR codes are a registered trademark by the Japanese company Denso Wave, subsidiary of Toyota Denso brand. They were invented in 1994 to track the components and facilitate the logistics during the automobile manufacturing process. The QR acronym comes from the English "Quick Response", as the creators had intended the code to allow its contents to be read at high speed. In Japan it is very common to see QR Codes in any advertising media and even in official documents.

Coming soon

  • Dynamic QR codes
  • More types of QR codes (Android and IOS applications...)
  • Generation of multiple QR Codes using file importing